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Global Analysis of Mariculture Production

 December 14, 2012  | By: Oceana

A recently published study from the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre and the Sea Around Us Project analyzes trends in aquaculture since the 1950’s and notes that aquaculture is one of the fastest growing global food animal production industries. This trend is only predicted to grow as wild fish stocks continue to decline due to overfishing. You can read the abstract, and a review from Pew Environmental Trust.

According to Pew, “The Increasing trophic level of fish produced in the mariculture reflects increased production of species higher in the food chain, which tends to have greater environmental impacts.”

The Sea Around Us Project also offers a look at statistics from a visual perspective. You can view graphs and maps by country, and even focus  by state or province. We wanted to check out our home state of Rhode Island, and as noted in the graph below mollusk farming is rapidly growing in this region. Click here to take a look at the easy to use visual analysis portion of this study.