10 Highlights from 2012 - Sailors for the Sea

10 Highlights from 2012

 December 28, 2012  | By: Oceana

With 2012 coming to a close, we want to thank our fans and followers for your support, and share a few highlights from our ocean conservation programs.

ONE:Sailors for the Sea programs reached 27 states & 13 Countries in  2012.

TWO:80% of all contributions go directly to marine conservation programming according to a third party audit.

THREE:80 different regatta venues ran more than 170 Clean Regattas with 80,000 participants. 70% of these regattas were certified at the Gold or Silver level, up 50% from 2011.

FOUR:Fourteen Rainy Day Kits in our free library of marine science lesson plans educated 20,000 children at 110 different sites!

FIVE:Sailors for the Sea has been an active participant in the World Bank Global Partnership for Oceans since the inception of the GPO in February of 2012.

SIX:Regatta organizers rated their experience using the Clean Regattas program an average of 4.8 of 5 stars.

SEVEN:Sailors for the Sea Japan celebrated their one year anniversary.  

EIGHT:Five America’s Cup World Series certified as Clean Regattas, with 98% of wasterecycled or composted at the final event of 2012.

NINE:Tiller, our resident Salty Dog, promoted awareness for endangered sharks during Shark Week.

TEN:Our successful “Welcome Aboard!” benefit in New York City  featuring Charlie Rose, Dr. Jane Lubchenco and Sir Russell Coutts helped chart a strong financial course for 2013.

If you are moved by what you read, see, or hear about Sailors for the Sea, please support us. Your fully tax-deductible charitable gift will have a powerful impact on our ocean conservation goals.