World Oceans Day - Sailors for the Sea

World Oceans Day

 June 8, 2012  | By: Oceana

Today marks World Oceans Day – a day to celebrate, appreciate and give back to the ocean. Check out the list of World Oceans Day events, many are spread out over this weekend, whether it be a beach clean up or a lecture on ocean health issues, there should be one in your part of the world to enjoy!

Seeing as a fish – blue lenses make it hard to see certain colors, and teaches kids what it is like to swim around in the deep sea.

The 2012 World Oceans Day theme is, Youth: the Next Wave for Change. Here are Sailors for the Sea, we celebrated World Oceans Day early at the New England Aquarium last weekend. Program lead Annie Brett, taught kids what it was like to “see as a fish” with one of our newer Rainy Day Kits, “All that Glitters.” We also published two new Rainy Day Kits this week, now totaling 12 marine science lesson plans available for free on our website. Each lesson plan needs minimal supplies so they can be taught at any summer camp, or at home on a rainy day.

Also of note, in honor of World Oceans Day, The United Nations is highlighting the 30th anniversary of the Law of the Sea. This convention ensures international stability and peaceful use of the world’s seas and oceans governing all activities on, over and under international waters. Watch their short documentary on why this important convention came together, or read our past ocean watch essay about the Law of the Sea.

If you are an ocean lover, but are unable to be near it today, check out these amazing picture from renowned photographer Brian Skerry, or the beautiful video below, for inspiration to celebrate ocean conservation!