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Sailing and the Environment

 December 20, 2011  | By: Oceana

When talking to people about Sailors for the Sea, we are often asked how sailing has a negative impact on the environment. As sailboats use wind to power themselves, and about them could be harmful to the environment?

The simple answer is that modern sail boats, from an eight foot Opti to the three hundred and five foot EOS, all make an impact on the environment. One easy example is the large diesel engine on the 305 foot boat that is needed to leave the dock. For the Opti, the coach boat, safety boat and parent boat following the kids up and down the race course burn fossil fuels. Since not having these engines to help the sailboats would be a big safety risk, we educate boaters ways to reduce the engines environmental impact.

On this blog we will make weekly posts under the category Sailing and the Environment about the different impacts today’s boating community can make on the environment. Each post will also share ways to reduce or eliminate this problem.

No matter how big or small your boat can make an impact on the environment.

Share with us: Do you feel boating is environmentally friendly? Have you ever considered the impact of the sport?

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