From Strategic Ocean Solutions - Sailors for the Sea

From Strategic Ocean Solutions

 July 19, 2012  | By: Oceana

A Magellanic Penguin native to South America generally found in Argentina, Chile, and the Falkland Islands.


With special thanks to Strategic Ocean Solutions and their representative, Annie Reisewitz, Sailors for the Sea passes along an amazing story. On the Strategic Ocean Solutions blog, Annie recounts that she witnessed a lone, juvenile Magellanic penguin  – that was alive – wash ashore on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Incredibly, 700+ dead penguins already washed ashore in Brazil since June. Strange occurrences to be sure and there are likely more than one reason. However, Annie postulates that the cause of death may well be the lack of available food due to changing climate and overfishing. Starving penguins washing ashore on Ipanema Beach and Icelandic glaciers breaking chunks of ice twice the size of Manhattan into the ocean (Washington Post, July 17,2012) sure point to a changing climate and ocean.