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Ocean Health Index

 August 16, 2012  | By: Oceana

The Ocean Health Index is a new, comprehensive measure of the ocean’s overall condition – one that treats people and nature as integrated parts of a healthy system. The index has been created to sustainably manage our relationship with Earth’s greatest resource. The Ocean Health Index is newly released by Conservation International in collaboration with the Pacific Life Foundation, The National Geographic Society and the New England Aquarium (a Sailors for the Sea partner).

While considering the role humans play in the ecosystem, the index quantitatively assesses ocean health based on a matrix of 10 goals for 171 regions across this ocean planet. A ratings score of 1 (worst) to 100 (best possible) is assigned to each goal in each region. One of these 10 goals focuses on Tourism and Recreation, in this category, the USA scored a 1 out of 100. The reference point for tourism was the country that is doing the best, the British Caribbean Territories. This past spring, the BVI Spring Regatta was the first Clean Regatta in the Caribbean to receive gold level certification.

Sailors for the Sea programming in collaboration with our partners will help move the USA tourism score in a positive direction as our programs provide resources and education for recreational boaters and ocean enthusiasts. This constituency sustains the recreation and tourism industry, and our programs help enhance their understanding and interaction with the ocean in a sustainable manner. To learn more visit the Ocean Health Index website and the Sailors for the Sea programs page.