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Yes the ocean is in trouble

 September 17, 2015  | By: Oceana

This week the WWF released their Living Blue Planet Report (PDF) focused on the decline of marine species, habitats and how this is tied to human well-being. And by their own admission, things are not looking great. Headlines covering the report are highlighting that Almost Half of the World’s Ocean Life Has Died Off Since 1970.

There is a lot of important scientific research that proves this decline of ocean health, but everyday we see reports and work with people that show the community protecting the ocean is growing!

Our 5 reasons for #OceanOptimism!

1. The Navy agreed to stop sonar practice in critical habitat locations for blue whales in San Diego and false killer whales in Hawaii! Photo credit: U.S. Navy/Flickr
Navy agrees to stop sonar practice in critical dolphin and whale habitat

2. 75,000 students have used our KELP program to learn about the ocean. These are the awesome plankton models they made. Photo credit: Sachem’s Head Yacht Club
popular kids science lesson plans, ocean, plankton

3. The 2015 SAISA SailPack Women’s Regatta hosted by NC State will be running their event as a Clean Regatta for the first time! Joining over 700 regattas that have reduced their environmental impact! Photo credit: NC State Sailing Team
North Carolina State Sailing Team pledges to be a clean regatta

4. Seagoing robots are going to help monitor sustainable fisheries at a fraction of the price compared to research ships.
seagoing robots, liquid robotics

5. And because even Beyonce is humbled by the ocean.
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