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Going for Platinum: 5 Notable Clean Regattas in 2022

 December 15, 2022  | By: Emily Conklin

Every year, we are impressed and delighted by the regattas that return and the new events that join our Clean Regattas program. We had an unprecedented number of events register for Platinum, our highest level, in 2022. At the time of writing, 17 events have certified at the Platinum Level! These regattas are taking the initiative to integrate our best practices into their events while going above and beyond with their own unique projects. Read on for a few new and interesting ventures that were accomplished this year. 

52nd International Knarr Championship – Hellerup, Denmark

The Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY) has been following the Clean Regattas program for years, and this year had a record three Platinum events! They have instilled the spirit of sustainability and our best practices into their day-to-day operations and are always working to bring their efforts to the next level. Of particular note this year is KDY’s installation of a floating electronic device that captures debris from the water. The device is stationed in the harbor, where it can be seen by regatta participants and guests and has a maximum impact on litter. KDY purchased one unit and a second was provided by a major sponsor over the summer; due to the impact of these efforts, a third unit is expected to be sponsored next year! KDY has also transitioned to all reusable cups, which can be kept as a souvenir or returned for washing through an ingenious deposit system. Used cups placed into the bin are neatly stacked, making transport to wash facilities more efficient. Together, these efforts reduce single-use items and waste, and decrease the energy needed to transport and clean reusable items.

2022 Newport Bermuda Race- Newport, Rhode Island

The biennial Newport Bermuda Race returned to the Ocean State this June with an exciting new development: the introduction of an Environmental Steward as an option for the crew. The Environmental Steward, or e-Steward, role was an optional position that teams were encouraged to add to their crew rosters to help plan, provision and execute Clean Regatta/Green Boating best practices. Incorporating an e-steward into the team early in the process helped to embrace “green” methods throughout preparation and execution of the race. 50 sailors participated in the new endeavor this year, and race coordinators are already spreading the concept to other offshore races for 2023, including the Marion to Bermuda Race.

2022 Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta – Spetses, Greece

The Yacht Club of Greece, which hosted the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta went above and beyond the Clean Regatta best practices to incorporate a holistic approach to their environmentalism. They focused heavily on involving local organizations whose work included causes such as protecting local habitats, terrestrial and marine, and sustainable community development; in this way, the event covered best practices from sea to summit and everything in between. Educational initiatives during the Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta included a “Pick the Alien” activity run by a local organization that raised awareness about invasive species and how to manage their impact through fishing and consumption. This activity not only helps explain the impact invasive species can have on an ecosystem, but also highlights the benefits of local, sustainable fishing!

2022 CRAB Cup- Annapolis, Maryland

The Eastport Yacht Club CRAB Cup has been a Clean Regatta since 2016, and 2022 is their second year as a Platinum regatta. EYC members form a standing Environmental Committee who serve as their Green Team during events, helping to permanently eliminate plastic straws and encourage use of their refill stations for water bottles. The club has also taken advantage of their position on Chesapeake Bay to help restore oyster habitat. Through collaboration with local organizations, EYC cultivates oysters in growing cages and has built an oyster reef off their docks that volunteers help seed every year.  These projects help support oyster populations, while also serving as an important tool to teach about local habitats and protecting the club from wave action! Projects like these have short term benefits and may help mitigate long term climate impacts.

EurILCA Masters European Championships 2022 – Girona, Spain

The 2022 EurILCA Master European Championships achieved Platinum Certification for the first time this year, and developed a solution to a problem we’re often asked about: how to replace plastic tags for identifying boat trolleys? The EurILCA Championships gave each entrant a wooden keychain in their Skippers bag which also served as a label for their trolley. Along with their other strategies, this swap helped the event reduce waste and run more sustainably.

If you would like to join our Clean Regattas community, click here to learn more about the program and register your event. You can also view sustainability reports from previous years’ regattas in our report library.