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Join Our Green Boating Community Before you hit the high seas, you may be wondering what type of sunscreen to buy to protect your skin from the sun’s powerful rays. Did you know that some SPF products are harmful not only for you, but also the environment? Some sunscreens contain chemical additives, such as oxybenzone, … Read more

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Join Our Green Boating Community Cleaning products are necessary for dissolving and removing dirt, grime, allergens and germs. However, most cleaning products are not made to be directly released into our waterways. Ingredients in certain cleaners can damage fish tissues or persist in the environment and enter the food chain. Some products also contain phosphorous and nitrogen, which can put excess nutrients into the water causing algal blooms which can be harmful to coral reefs and coastal ecosystems. Instead, many cleaning products are created to … Read more

Bottom Paint


Join Our Green Boating Community Everything below the waterline of your boat is part of the marine ecosystem. Left without any protection, your boat will start to attract multiple organisms, including algae, slime, seaweed, barnacles and mussels.  How do you prevent growth on your hull? The most common method to prevent this growth (also known … Read more