Happy Halloween! - Sailors for the Sea

Happy Halloween!

 October 28, 2016  | By: Oceana

Goblins, ghosts and skeletons, oh my! Looking for a fun activity for the kids on this Halloween weekend. Check out our Halloween Packet! Kids can color in some real sea creatures that have Halloween-themed names. Click here to download all of the images!


With a scientific name (Vampyroteuthis infernalis) that means “vampire squid from hell,” you would likely expect this creature to be a fearsome predator. Not the case! This small, slow-moving cephalopod collects and eats tiny, drifting particles (aka “marine snow”) in the deep sea using two long, sticky filaments. To learn more about vampire squid, check out this video.


Found in the deep sea, this rare species of shark has pink skin and a distinctively long and flat snout that resembles a sword blade. One of the most interesting features of the goblin shark is the way the bite their food. Their jaws actually extend outward from their bodies (almost to the end of their snout) and can move independently!


Ghost crabs are small, almost iridescent critters that dig and inhabit deep burrows in the intertidal zone (area between the tide marks) of open sandy beaches. They have large black eyes that are supported on stalks, which can swivel giving them 360 degree vision.


Skeleton shrimp (aka caprellidae) are amphipods with slender, elongated bodies that are found in oceans worldwide. They are typically seen clinging on to eelgrass, seaweed and other substrates. Their body shape and color help the shrimp blend into their surroundings.

Also, if you are in search of ocean themed Halloween costumes for the kids, look no further. Check out this awesome DIY Scuba Diver!