International 29er Class Joins the Clean Class Initiative - Sailors for the Sea

International 29er Class Joins the Clean Class Initiative

 December 12, 2023  | By: Emily Conklin

Sailors for the Sea is thrilled to welcome the International 29er Class to our recently launched Clean Class Initiative. Since their European Championships in 2022, the 29er Class has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and communicating our mission with their members. As a Clean Class, the 29ers will work with us to run all their events as high-level Clean Regattas and share the message of environmental stewardship with their sailors.


The 29er was designed and brought to life in 1998 by Australian skiff legend Julian Bethwaite. By the year 2000, the 29er had become a recognized World Sailing class, and the class has now grown from its original 200 boats to over 3000 today. With over 200 boats competing at the World and European Championships, including Men, Women and Mixed categories, the Class has a growing global footprint and is committed to continuing to grow in the most sustainable way possible.In 2022, the 29er Class earned a Platinum Level Clean Regattas certification for the European Championships in Rungsted, Denmark, demonstrating the progress and commitment made at a regatta of this size. In 2023, both the European and World Championships worked with the Clean Regattas program and the events were able to go paperless and plastic free. For 2024 and beyond, all of their EuroCup events, Europeans, and World Championships will be Clean Regattas and we will support the event hosts and the Class to take the most effective steps to improve environmental sustainability locally.


“The International 29er Class is fully committed to working towards a more sustainable future, alongside World Sailing’s Agenda 2023,” said Pippa Kenton-Page, 29er Class Executive Director and Clean Class liaison. “We are incredibly excited to partner with Sailors for the Sea as a Clean Class, helping to support, educate and guide the class, our sailors, coaches and parents and of course our event host venues to achieve a more sustainable future in all areas. It is a topic we all recognize as of upmost importance to our Planet and our Sport, and we are investing fully in progressing in this area, recognizing we have a real responsibility and opportunity to do so.”


The 29er Class is the third member of the Clean Class Initiative and our first International Class. Alongside Pippa Kenton-Page and the 29er Class leadership, Sailors for the Sea looks forward to the opportunity to reach young sailors with the message of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Together, we can protect our oceans and waterways for generations to come.