All Ages Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Become a Naturalist

Students will explore their outdoor surroundings to discover and learn about local flora and fauna. 

Seeing with Sound

With a slinky, discover how dolphins and whales use echolocation to navigate and find food. 

Hold Your Breath

Discover one of the ways marine mammals are able to hold their breath for long dives underwater.

Explore the Shore

Create a shoreline scavenger hunt utilizing local identification books for shells, seaweed, birds and other coastal things.

Beach Bingo

Kids will discover their natural surroundings by playing an interactive game of bingo with items that can be found at your beach or shoreline

How Long Till It’s Gone?

Discover how long it takes for different materials to degrade by putting items (i.e. orange peel, plastic straw) along a timeline. 

Polar Regions

Learn about our polar regions’ unique habitat and wildlife through crossword puzzles, word searches and other fun activities. 

Coral Reefs

Through word searches, matching and other fun games learn about these bustling cities of marine life and how to protect them. 

Ooey Gooey Animal Guts

Students identify what kind of consumer their marine animal is by examining the prey items they find in a Jell-O filled “stomach”.

The World is YOUR Oyster

Students will learn about the importance of oysters to estuarine ecosystems and to the community.