Living Underwater Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Seeing with Sound

With a slinky, discover how dolphins and whales use echolocation to navigate and find food. 

Hold Your Breath

Discover one of the ways marine mammals are able to hold their breath for long dives underwater.


In this fun matching game, kids will learn about the symbiotic relationship between different marine creatures.

Whale of a View

With small mirrors and a paper towel tube, students build monoculars to view their surroundings from the perspective of a whale.

Whale Feeding

An activity that demonstrates how baleen whales, such as Right Whales, use skim feeding to capture their prey.

Whale Blubber

Students create a “blubber glove” to mimic the importance of blubber to whales living in frigid water.

How to Hide in the Ocean

A fun game teaching students how fish and other ocean creatures camouflage into their surroundings.

Drying Out on the Rocky Shore

A hands on activity that illustrates how marine creatures have adapted to survive the extreme conditions between the rocky shoreline tide marks

All that Glitters

An activity that plays with light at different depths of the ocean and discusses adaptations organisms have made for different light conditions.