Pollution & Marine Debris Archives - Sailors for the Sea

Oil Spill Cleanup

Students will simulate an oil spill and mimic different methods and materials to try to clean up the pollution in the ocean.

How Long Till It’s Gone?

Discover how long it takes for different materials to degrade by putting items (i.e. orange peel, plastic straw) along a timeline. 

Beach Contamination

Students are challenged to find and remove a baking soda contaminant from a container filled with damp sand.

Plastic Beach

Students carry out a beach transect, learning about the prevalence and sources of plastic pollution in the oceans. 

Who Dirtied the Water?

This interactive narrative illustrates different sources of pollution, historic and modern, to a body of water.

Flowing Downstream

Students illustrate the effects of the land use in a watershed by simulating development of their own riverfront property. 

Biomagnification Game

A tag inspired game that demonstrates how plastics and the chemicals in plastics are biomagnified to reach our dinner plates.

Oyster Tag

A game of freeze tag that gives an understanding of the interaction of oyster reefs and toxic waste (pollution) in the water.