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Seasonality in the Ocean

Students figure out what season it is based on maps of sea surface temperature and phytoplankton growth. 

Build a Coral Polyp

Learn about the anatomy of coral and the symbiotic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae by building an edible coral polyp.

Density Currents

This activity demonstrates Thermohaline Circulation throughout our oceans and the relative densities of cold and warm waters.

Clam Jigsaw

Students create a cutout model of a clam to investigate the anatomy and physiology of these animals.

A Story of Sand

A hands on activity that illustrates the different sources of sand including biological, geological and man-made.

Dirty Water Challenge

Students learn about the water cycle and the principles of filtering water by building and testing their own filters.

Estuary Salt Front

Students create mini-coastal environments and introduce nutrients to see what happens in the estuaries where fresh and salt water meet.

Flowing Downstream

Students illustrate the effects of the land use in a watershed by simulating development of their own riverfront property.