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Hitching a Ride

Students will mimic how boats can quickly spread invasive species to new bodies of water and how to stop a new invasion. 

Become a Naturalist

Students will explore their outdoor surroundings to discover and learn about local flora and fauna. 

Seeing with Sound

With a slinky, discover how dolphins and whales use echolocation to navigate and find food. 

Hold Your Breath

Discover one of the ways marine mammals are able to hold their breath for long dives underwater.

How Long am I?

With just a simple rope, students can gain perspecitive on how big some of our ocean’s largest animals are. 

Beach Sculptures

Using materials and sand found on the beach, kids can create pieces of art

Hermit Crab Game

Through musical chairs, learn about hermit crabs and the challenges they face when they need to find a new shell home.

Whale Feeding

An activity that demonstrates how baleen whales, such as Right Whales, use skim feeding to capture their prey.

Build a Coral Polyp

Learn about the anatomy of coral and the symbiotic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae by building an edible coral polyp.

Oyster Tag

A game of freeze tag that gives an understanding of the interaction of oyster reefs and toxic waste (pollution) in the water.