Plastic Free July: Week 2 Challenge - Sailors for the Sea

Plastic Free July: Week 2 Challenge

 July 13, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

For Week 2, we are challenging you to use your purchasing power and support companies that are limiting their use of plastic or choosing reusable/refillable containers.

In Week 1, we challenged you to do a plastic audit at home, work or on your boat. Could most of those items be reused or refilled?

Many innovations across multiple economic sectors will be necessary to solve the plastics problem, but a promising development lies in companies are moving away from single-use plastic and investing in reusable, refillable and zero-waste alternatives.

Below are examples of some of these solutions. Check to see what’s available in your area (look for “zero waste” or “refill” stores, or markets that offer bulk goods). 

Bite makes toothpaste tablets that come in refillable and recyclable glass jars filled with a four months’ supply.

Common Good refill stations in New York allow customers to refill hand soap, dish soap, all-purpose cleaner and laundry detergent.

Lush makes shampoo and conditioner bars. The company claims that its concentrated bars can outlast two or three bottles of liquid shampoo.

Loop is delivering packaged consumer goods, including food, in reusable containers to customers for a deposit.

RePack has created a reusable system for e-commerce packaging

What are some of the companies and services that you support? Let us know