Jennifer Brett, Author at Sailors for the Sea

Jennifer Brett

How Does Plastic End up in the Ocean?

Plastic Free July is a global movement to bring awareness to the plastic pollution crisis we are facing. Throughout the month, we will feature common questions about plastics and plastic pollution,  as well as possible solutions and ways to get involved. The first question we are addressing this month is “how does plastic end up … Read more

Skippers Corner: A Low-Impact Crossing

On May 6, 2024, Sailors for the Sea Skipper Chris Wolfe and her husband and sailing partner, Justin, crossed the finish line of the transatlantic Cap Martinique race. After three weeks at sea, they crossed the finish line in Martinique 10th out of 40 double-handed boats. Incredibly, this was only about an hour out of … Read more

KELP in Action: Sail Newport

Our Kids Environmental Lesson Plans introduce kids to marine science and ocean literacy topics, ranging from aquatic habitats to the challenges facing our oceans. They are designed to be used by parents, teachers, camp counselors, sailing instructors – really anyone who wants to share the wonders of our watery world with kids! Cortney Kingsley, a … Read more

Green Boating Checklist for the Weekend

Heading out for some summer fun on the water? Make your boating adventure more ocean-friendly with these five green boating tips: 1. Bring Your Reusables Skip the single-use plastics and bring along reusable water bottles, dishes, and containers. This will greatly reduce the amount of trash at the end of your trip and minimize the … Read more

Meet Sailors for the Sea Ambassador Lara Dallman-Weiss

Meet Lara Dallman-Weiss, Sailors for the Sea Ambassador and 2024 Paris Olympics qualifier in the Mixed 470 Class! Before campaigning full-time in the 470 class, Lara raced on the professional sailing circuit for five years. She competed in Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the Women’s 470 event. In January, she and sailing partner Stu McNay cliched … Read more

Upcycling Old Sails

Bags made from recycled sails by Sea Bags

While propelling boats with the wind is certainly environmentally friendly, the sails themselves typically are not. Modern sailcloths include polyester (Dacron), nylon, carbon fiber and aramid fibers (such as Kevlar and Nomex). They are usually not recyclable, and at the end of their useful onboard life, often end up languishing in someone’s shed or basement, … Read more

Introducing the Seven Principles of Ocean Literacy with KELP

At Sailors for the Sea, part of our mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of sailors and ocean stewards. The ocean is critical to life on our planet, and understanding this at an early age can help kids form personal connections with the underwater world.  Around the world, however, research has shown … Read more

Your Sustainability Challenges, Solved

Kids do a beach clean up during the Marblehead Junior Race Week

We often hear from Clean Regatta organizers about the sustainability challenges they encounter while striving to implement best practices during their events. Solutions typically arise from experiences at other Clean Regattas, and we’re excited to share some of the innovative approaches these organizers have devised! Here are the top four sustainability challenges faced by Clean … Read more

Skippers Corner: Chris Wolfe 2023 Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year

Sailors for the Sea Skipper Chris Wolfe and Justin Wolfe

Sailors for the Sea Skipper Chris Wolfe had a busy 2023 sailing season. She and her husband and sailing partner, Justin, who hail from Orcas Island, Washington, sailed more than 2,000 miles doublehanded in some of the most challenging offshore races in Europe and North America – with some impressive results. Their achievements have not … Read more