Plastic Free July: Week 3 Challenge - Sailors for the Sea

Plastic Free July: Week 3 Challenge

 July 19, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

Are you up for the Challenge?  For Week 3, we are challenging you to ditch single-use plastics, going beyond just your reusable water bottle.

In Week 1, we challenged you to do a plastic audit at home, work or on your boat. You probably noticed that most of the items could be reused and refilled. For Week 2, the challenge was to use your purchasing power to support companies that limit (or better yet, eliminate) their use of plastic packaging or offer their products in refillable containers. 

Since it’s prime summer adventure time, this week, let’s look at some ways to provision the boat (or camper, or cabin) and avoid single-use plastic.

1. Say no to Solo. It’s time to party without the ubiquitous plastic red cup. Choose an insulated refillable tumbler instead (our Sailors for the Sea tumbler is perfect for this!)

2. Have water refills. If you need to bring water aboard, skip the plastic bottles and jugs and pick up a refillable 5-gallon bottle (usually available at grocery stores; return/exchange when empty) with a pump (check out the Dolphin Pump). 

3. Plan ahead. Prep meals beforehand and pack them in reusable containers. Bring a supply of reusable bags. Make sure you have enough dishes aboard for everyone, and pack some extra cutlery to bring with you in case you get takeout. 

4. Use a Soda Stream. Like fizzy drinks? Make them yourself with a sparkling water maker! No cans required. (Feeling handy? Here’s a DIY drink carbonator.)