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Antigua Sailing Week

 April 30, 2014  | By: Oceana

Inspired by the sustainability initiatives enacted during the 34th America’s Cup last fall, two groups took up the Green Team charge to lessen Antigua Sailing Week’s impact on the environment.

Martin Dudley of Rubber Duck Recycling and John Esposito of the Environmental Awareness Group spearheaded the Clean Regattas movement last year, and this year they are looking to improve on where they started.

“The key result [from 2013] was the diversion of one ton of plastic and aluminum beverage containers from the landfill to being recycled with partners Antigua Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation,” said Martin Dudley.

Dudley, a keen environmentalist and local from Antigua, started Rubber Duck Recycling and began the grassroots initiative “Zero Waste Antigua” after witnessing the challenges associated with recycling in the Caribbean. Connecting with the local yachting scene and his community, his hope is to engage others to follow him in his quest to make Antigua a more sustainable island.

“We have an enormous challenge here as the infrastructure is very poor and many of these ideas are simply not part of the local mindset,” said Dudley. “But things are changing.”

Together with the Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua and Barbados, Antigua Sailing Week 2014 will aim for a Bronze medal by following these Best Practices:

  • Form a Green Team
  • Water Bottle Reduction
  • Trash Free Regatta
  • Recycling
  • Oil Spill Prevention

In addition, they will also be educating sailors about nontoxic cleaning products, the effects of copper-based bottom paints, alternative fuels, as well as other issues that affect the beautiful island of Antigua!