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Gold for BVI Spring Regatta!

 April 5, 2013  | By: Oceana

The BVI Spring Regatta just finished another great Clean Regatta! Last year the event was the first ever Gold Level Clean Regatta outside of the United States. One of the major accomplishment that year was offsetting the regattas carbon footprint. This was done in thanks to race participants and Heineken supporting local recycling initiatives through GreenVI. This year, the BVI Spring Regatta continued their strong record and earned Gold certification again. Some of the Best Practices implemented include:
Glass is collected separately and recycled at the Green VI glass blowing studio.
  • Distributing reusable water bottles to race participants and placing free water stations throughout the venue (No small feat in the Caribbean)
  • The Green Rangers, a large and enthusiastic green team made up of local youth, keeping the event site free of debris
  • Working with Green VI to recycle glass and aluminum
  • Placing oil spill kits in all motorized vessels
  • Electronic registration systems and TV screens to display race results (A major paper reducer!)
  • Biodegradable cups and utensils at the bar and food vendors
  • Notice to participants emphasizing gray water reduction, conducting maintenance in contained locations, not cleaning hulls in sensitive harbor areas and using shore facilities to prevent blackwater discharge
  • Food vendors collected food waste in buckets to be given to local pigs.
  • Non-toxic cleaning products used and promoted to competitors

We continue to be inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of the BVI Spring Regatta and it’s sponsors, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to promote ocean conservation in the Caribbean.