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Newport Bermuda Race

 June 13, 2012  | By: Oceana

Friday June 15th marks the start of the Newport Bermuda Race.  This race crosses a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean known for its challenging waters and strong Gulf Stream currents. Every two years over a 180 boats assemble for the start in the historic seaport of Newport, Rhode Island. Newport to Bermuda is a 635-mile ocean race, mostly out of sight of land. The race takes between three and six days.

Race organizers are working hard to be certified as a silver level Clean Regatta. Listed below the items from the Clean Regattas Best Practices list that will be accomplished:

  • Water Bottle Reduction Participants are asked to use re-useable bottles and use tank water while racing
  • Trash Free Regatta Participants have access to shore facilities in Newport and Bermuda, facilities must be kept free of debris. This includes rigging tape, cigarette butts, bottles, and cans.
  • No Discharge Discharge of untreated sewage or black water in Newport and Bermuda, is unlawful. Pump-out facilities are available in both locations.
  • Recycling Recycling facilities will be provided at both venues.
  • Grey Water Reduction Competitors are asked to use only water when washing down their boats and to use non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Oil Spill Prevention Participants are requested to carry and use bilge sponges and fueling spill pad.
  • Bottom Paint RC will request that entrants use non-toxic bottom paint, such as copper free e-Paint.
  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Products A recommended list of “Green” cleaning products is provided in the skipper’s packet.
  • Track Success NBR will measure many metrics as possible
  • Electronic Communication and Registration NBR will use electronic communication with participants and interest parties. This includes an electronic registration
  • Green Team Representatives of the Race Committee and the CCA’s Environment of the Sea Committee will be present in Newport and Bermuda. They will promote the goals of the Clean regatta Program, assist with recycling and monitor implementation of the a Clean Regatta’s ” Best Practices”.
  • Paper 100% post-consumer recycled paper will be used for event packets.  

Sailors for the Sea wish all the Competitors a fun, safe and sustainable race!

St. Davids Lighthouse was built in 1879 located on the eastern end of Bermuda. St. Davids lighthouse marks the finish line for the Newport Bermuda race.