Trash removal in Naples - Sailors for the Sea

Trash removal in Naples

 April 30, 2013  | By: Oceana

As The Official Partner Clean Regattas partner of the 34th America’s Cup, we have worked closely with race organizers to build sustainability and ocean conservation Best Management Practices into every aspect of their operations.

In Naples, long before the first teams arrived, the local organizing committee was already running beach cleanups at the Naples waterfront. Plastic buckets, nets, and even boat hulls littered the beaches in the Port of Naples. The photos below showcase the effort put in by the local organizing committee volunteers, and Sailors for the Sea staff prior to and during the regatta. The Clean Regattas certification for ACWS Naples is  being reviewed to see which level of certification was met – look for an announcement in the near future. To learn more about the America’s Cup commitment to Clean Regattas read this months Ocean Watch Essay.

We are excited to note that our Clean Regattas program will be implemented again in Italy this year at the Velle Nel Parco regatta, which is aiming to be certified at the bronze level!