KELP - Sailors for the Sea


 June 8, 2015  | By: Oceana

Did you know? Giant kelp is one of the fastest growing organisms in the world. Inspired by this amazing underwater plant we want to grow marine education in the boating community. 

Kids Environmental Lesson Plans, Kelp, seaweed

So we created Kids Environmental Lesson Plans (KELP). They are fun, easy to use and help students understand the ocean’s influence on them and their influence on the ocean. The future of the ocean rests not only in our actions but also in the actions of the next generation. So help nourish kids curiosity, encourage them to find out what’s happening underneath their hull! 

Tried and tested

Already this year, over 7,000 students have been educated with KELP. Whether you are on the dock and there is no wind to be seen or your are sitting in a classroom miles from shore – these lesson plans can easily be taught with simple materials and with minimal preparation. (AKA no scientific equipment or science degrees for instructors needed)

All 33 lesson plans are based on the seven principles of ocean literacy and have been given to us by leading marine institutions that have strong experience in marine education. Better yet, they are free and downloadable from our website, just register at:

Which to choose?

With 33 lesson plans to chose from, it could get overwhelming. We have broken them down by age category and each lesson plan lists the materials needed on the first page.  Some of our favorites include: 

  • Acidic Ocean: students learn about CO2 with red cabbage and a pH indicator
  • The Deadliest Catch: teaches kids about overfishing with candy!
  • Marine Osteoporosis: visualizes the effects of ocean acidification on shelled marine organisms with shells and vinegar.

There are many more lessons plans, please check them out, by registering to download, and after you use them send Shelley a note with feedback!