Six KELP Activities for Spring - Sailors for the Sea

Six KELP Activities for Spring

 March 11, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

Are you ready to put winter in the rearview? We definitely are! If you are looking for some fun and educational activities that will get you and your kids outside this spring, look no further. We’ve chosen six of our Kids Environmental Lesson Plans that highlight a variety of ocean literacy themes to get you started.

Download any of these activities (plus many others!) here. Lesson plans can be filtered by topic, target ages, activity level, and setting.

1. Beach Bingo

This fun game puts a twist on the classic Bingo by incorporating items that can be found at your local beach or shoreline.

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Sediment

Have you ever heard of a Secchi disc? It’s a simple tool that scientists use to measure water clarity, or turbidity. In this lesson plan you will learn how to construct one at home using simple materials and how to record your findings.

3. Oyster Tag

There is nothing like tag to get kids moving! In this spin on the classic game, kids will learn about how pollution affects oyster populations.

4. Beach Sculptures

Perfect for artistic kids, this lesson encourages kids to create works of art on the beach using found items such as seashells, driftwood, seaweed and more.

5. Plastic Beach

While at the beach, kids can dive deeper into the plastic pollution problem by looking for smaller pieces of plastic, also known as microplastics. These findings highlight how larger items (i.e. plastic bottles) break down into smaller and smaller pieces

6. What’s Hiding in the Water?

Have you ever wondered what’s hiding in your local waters? Likely some plankton! Plankton are a group of diverse aquatic organisms that all have one thing in common – they can’t swim against the current. By building a plankton net with simple materials from home, kids can discover what’s living in your waterways.

Young sailors take a break from the water to play a Whale Jenga Food Web Game