The Vineyard Cup 2018 - Sailors for the Sea

The Vineyard Cup 2018

 July 23, 2018  | By: Oceana

Participating in Clean Regattas since 2010, the Vineyard Cup is a veteran of the program – and 2018 marks the second year in a row that they have achieved Platinum Level Clean Regattas certification! 

Located on an island, it was important for Sail Martha’s Vineyard to ensure that the three-day regatta was both locally sourced and zero waste to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on their local waters. Only four years ago, nearly five tons of trash would be hauled away after the event. This year, and for the past two years, all of the landfill waste produced fit into a small cardboard box – and most of that was plastic packaging from bags of ice. Everything else was returned, reused, recycled or composted. An impressive feat!

A new element added to the regatta this year was the Ocean Awareness Tent. Sail Martha’s Vineyard invited local environmental organizations to educate the sailors and their families about issues facing our oceans. We showcased some of our KELP activities that focused on the small organisms living in our waters and the impacts of plastic pollution. 

The sustainability effort put forth by Sail Martha’s Vineyard is spreading into the community – other organizations and restaurants are starting to step up to the challenge to reduce their waste and impact on the island.