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WATCH IT: Green Boating Videos

 December 6, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

Are you looking for quick tips for more eco-friendly boating? Check out our new Green Boating videos! Our new series of videos highlights different topics from our Green Boating guide brought to you by Sailors for the Sea staff and Skipper volunteers! From DIY cleaners for your boat to ways to prevent the spread of invasive species, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few samples, or you can view the series (with more videos still to come!) at our YouTube channel!

Eco-friendly Tips to Provision Your Boat

Are you planning a cruise or an extended trip aboard your boat? It can be challenge to provision your boat with limited space and resources. Learn five ways to travel on your boat with the environment in mind.

DIY Cleaning Products for Your Boat

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to clean your boat with the environment in mind? You can clean most of your boat and boat accessories with five simple ingredients from your kitchen cabinets or boat galley.

Eco-friendly Cleaning: Busting 3 Myths for Greener Boating

Cleaning products are necessary for dissolving and removing dirt, grime and germs. However, some products can be harmful to the marine environment. Learn the facts about cleaners and tips on how to wash your boat in an eco-friendly way.

Prevent Invasive Species from Spreading

Invasive species are plants and animals that invade an ecosystem where they don’t belong. If the invasive species has no natural predators in its new environment, its population can grow unchecked. Once they’re established, an invasive species is almost impossible to eradicate. As boaters, we can do our part to help stop the spread of non-native plants and animals.