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What are you doing for World Oceans Day?

 June 7, 2019  | By: Oceana

World Oceans Day is a perfect time to commit to protecting our precious seas and thier inhabitants. Learn how as a boater you can make a difference to help restore the health of our waterways. 

Eyes on the Water

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Plastics, oil sheens, entangled sea creatures, declining marine habitat – sailors and boaters witness firsthand these devastating threats that impact our oceans. Being intimately connected to our seas, boaters are ideally positioned to be advocates and leaders for protecting our waterways. The Green Boating Initiative mobilizes the sailing and boating community to take direct action to address these ocean health issues and protect marine environments worldwide. 

Knowledge is Power

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Green Boaters are provided with the latest information and resources on sustainable boating practices and opportunities to act on critical policy issues that are needed to combat marine plastic pollution, prevent habitat destruction, source responsible seafood and limit overfishing. And if you sign up to become a Green Boater today, you will immediately receive a free, digital copy of our Green Boating Guide that covers 25 topics on eco-smart boating. Learn how to boat around whales, what types of non-toxic clean products actually work, what to do with your blackwater and much more! 

Join the Community of Eco-smart Boaters

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On this World Oceans Day, join a group of engaged conservationists within the sailing and boating community who are learning how to be environmentally responsible on the water and becoming advocates for protecting our seas. When we all stand together and make our voices hear, we can make a difference for marine life and save our oceans. 

Fly a Green Boater Burgee

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Do you want to represent yourself with a Green Boater burgee? If you donate $50 or more to help support our programs, you will receive a Green Boater burgee and stainless steel straw.