Youth Sailing World Championships - Sailors for the Sea

Youth Sailing World Championships

 July 27, 2018  | By: Oceana

Nearly 400 youth sailors hailing from 66 nations attended the Youth Sailing World Championships hosted by Corpus Christi Yacht Club in Texas last week. Sustainability was a clear focus of the week-long event. From the moment you land in Corpus Christi with the plastic bottle chandelier hanging in the airport to walking around the venue and seeing no signs of single-use plastics – you can tell this event is not only raising awareness among the youth sailors attending the event, but also reaching the community. 

At the opening ceremonies, following the parade each nation poured water from their home country into a communal bowl. The “mixing of the waters” truly showed how connected we all are across the globe. Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia Earle gave an inspiring keynote speech and encouraged all of the youth sailors to discover what’s beneath their hulls and share their passion for the sea with others. 

The Youth Sailing World Championships achieved Platinum Level Clean Regattas certification by eliminating single-use plastics, providing water refilling stations, composting and placing a strong emphasis on sustainability education. But it’s not stopping in Corpus Christi, the Texas Sailing Association announced that they are aiming to be the first state-wide regional sailing association to bring the Clean Regattas program to their 15 youth events across the state. Texas youth regatta organizers will work with Sailors for the Sea throughout the 2018 sailing season and beyond to minimize the impact sailing events have on the shores and sea.