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Repurpose Gear


Join our Green Boating Community Whether you are a competitive racer or enjoy boating recreationally, there are a lot of different types of gear that you will use while boating, including life jackets, wetsuits, foul weather gear, gloves and ropes. What do you do with gear that has been outgrown or has reached its end … Read more

Prop Scar Prevention


Join our Green Boating Community Healthy seagrass beds have a wide range of positive impacts for our waterways. The dense underwater meadows provide spawning and nursery habitats, areas of refuge, and feeding grounds for many fish and invertebrates. Marine animals, including green sea turtles and manatees, rely on seagrass for sustenance. Seagrasses enhance water quality … Read more

Spring Preparation


Join Our Green Boating Community Winter is over and it’s that time of year to take boats out of storage! Annual preparation and cleaning will help prevent problems once you hit the water – and there are ways to be green while doing it. If you properly winterized your boat at the end of the … Read more



Join Our Green Boating Community Before you hit the high seas, you may be wondering what type of sunscreen to buy to protect your skin from the sun’s powerful rays. Did you know that some SPF products are harmful not only for you, but also the environment? Some sunscreens contain chemical additives, such as oxybenzone, … Read more

Winterizing Your Boat


Join Our Green Boating Community Properly winterizing and storing your boat will help prevent damage and make sure you are ready for on-the-water fun in the spring. Consult your manufacturers’ manuals and service guides for specific winterizing, flushing and maintenance instructions before you begin. Plan ahead, create a checklist (see below) and gather all the … Read more

General Maintenance


Join Our Green Boating Community One of the best ways to protect our local aquatic ecosystems is by proactively managing our vessels. This not only reduces harmful environmental impacts, but will also extend your engine and boat’s life, and helps to protect you while on the water. Preventive boat maintenance before and after each outing … Read more

Bilge Maintenance


Join Our Green Boating Community The bilge is the lowest internal part of your boat’s hull, where water collects, along with spilled and leaked fuel, oil, antifreeze and other toxic liquids. Any accidental discharge of oil is both illegal and detrimental to the ocean as it is toxic to marine plants and animals. Conducting regular … Read more


marine batteries

Join Our Green Boating Community Choosing the right size battery for your boat and performing routine maintenance will ensure the optimal lifespan of your battery and will save you money. Check your engine manual for the recommended battery rating. Many boats will need two types of batteries, an engine starting battery and a deep cycle … Read more

Engine Maintenance


Join Our Green Boating Community Routine engine maintenance is important to optimize proper performance, fuel efficiency, clean exhaust and to protect water quality. Try creating and following a service schedule for your engine and check your owner’s manual for specific products and instructions. Fuel Check fuel lines, tanks and vents for any signs of corrosion … Read more

Green Fishing


Join Our Green Boating Community Most anglers observe responsible fishing practices to lessen the impact on fish populations and to ensure that they are protected for the future. The following are a few recommendations to help protect the aquatic environment and its inhabitants: Check your local rules.  Learn about the local fish species size and … Read more