Darby Allison - Sailors for the Sea

Darby Allison

I’ve always appreciated sailing because of its dependence on the natural environment, and that dependence is jeopardized by dysfunctional and unsafe waterways due to pollution. There’s a plethora of reasons we should protect the environments in which we sail, but the simplest reason is so that the sport will still be available for generations to come, just like it was for me.
Sailing was a multi-generational, family sport for Darby. She grew up sailing in the Optis with her older brothers before I advancing to Lasers in high school. Darby participated in the US Women’s Singlehanded Championship for three years and then became a skipper on her college sailing team at Georgia Tech. After graduation, she was awarded the 2019 Lightning Boat Grant, which allowed Darby to skipper in regattas around the southeast. Darby is also a commission member for the Thistle Clean Class Initiative. She inherited a Thistle from her older brother and has been skippering #3001 ever since, expanding upon lifelong experience of crewing on the Thistle with her dad.


Lake Lanier Sailing Club