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Built Like a Rock

green boating

When we think of building boats and the materials possible to build boats, we think of wood, we think of plastic, we think of fiberglass and aluminum, but we don’t consider boats made from rock. They would sink, right? But in 2015, a unique race called the Sailing The Arctic Race (STAR) was proposed to … Read more

Beyond the Beach Clean Up – Yago Lange

beach clean up

Yago Lange is an Argentinian sailor who placed seventh in the 49er race at the 2016 Summer Olympics alongside his brother, Klaus. He is the son of six-time Olympic sailor and naval architect, Santiago Lange. Yago is an environmentally active and influential sailor who helped to organize the #Sailors4TheSea beach clean ups at this year’s … Read more

Eyes on the Seas – Ian Walker

ian walker

Boaters and sailors are a few of many individuals who observe the threats that our oceans face such as plastic pollution, oil spills and marine habitat destruction. Sailors for the Sea’s Green Boating Initiative provides boaters with the latest information on sustainable boating practices and opportunities to act on critical policy issues that affect our … Read more

Saving Sea Turtles – Tactics from an Aquatic Vet

sea turtles

Sea turtles are some of the most beloved species to inhabit the planet’s oceans. Unfortunately, due to people, they are also some of the most threatened with extinction. Of the seven species currently alive today, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists three species as vulnerable to extinction, one as endangered, and two … Read more

Defending our Seas – Dee Caffari

dee caffari

With over 12 million registered boats in the U.S. alone, many of these sailors and boaters see firsthand the issues that our oceans face such as plastic pollution, oil spills and marine habitat destruction. Sailors for the Sea is mobilizing engaged conservationists within the sailing and boating community who are collectively taking action to address … Read more

Champion for the Sea


What happens when you spend all your time on the water and you witness first hand the negative effects humans have on the ocean? It makes sense that you would do everything you could to solve those problems in any way imaginable. This is exactly what 8th grader Harvey DeMovick from Pine Point School in … Read more

A Foray into “Slimology”


Hull biofouling: a boater’s dreaded bane that requires necessary periodic elbow grease. Especially in marine water, the unwanted accumulation of microorganisms, algae and animals on wetted surfaces can be costly if not attended to regularly. For recreational or commercial boaters, the danger of transferring non-native species is added to the increase in fuel consumption and … Read more

The Sea that Never Sleeps


More than 20 million people live in New York’s metropolitan area and help make the city a cultural and economic hub. But this city’s frenetic energy doesn’t stop at the water’s edge. In many ways, New York’s seascape is as teeming as its streets with human activity that is both diverse and economically important. From … Read more

Thirty Years Strong in Barbados

marine science

Latitude 13°N, Longitude 59°W: Barbados, the most easterly of the Caribbean Windward Islands As a sailor and mermaid, I love my life! My GranGran drew me to Barbados as a child, but the sea and her reefs captured my heart when I returned to the island in 1987. Freshly graduated, my first job was at the Bellairs … Read more

The Right Whale to Save


When he was just one-year-old, a North Atlantic right whale named Kingfisher became entangled in fishing gear. In a span of six weeks, he went from swimming freely off the coast of Georgia up to Maine, then back down to Georgia all while towing several feet of rope and attached buoys that had wrapped around … Read more