Partnership with Caribbean Sailing Association Annual Conference - Sailors for the Sea

Partnership with Caribbean Sailing Association Annual Conference

Press Release

The Caribbean Sailing Association (‘CSA’) is pleased to announce a partnership with Sailors for the Sea for the Annual CSA Conference that will take place in Antigua from the 24th – 26th October, 2014.

The conference brings together regatta organizers, rating rule measurers, yacht club representatives and other sailing specialists from around the Caribbean and, as such, it offers Sailors for the Sea the perfect opportunity to work with the region on how to implement sustainable practices in each event.
Hilary Kotoun, Sailors for the Sea Social Impact Director says, “Over the past few years Sailors for the Sea has worked with many regatta organizers in the Caribbean to operate and certify environmentally friendly events as Clean Regattas. Based on this work, we have joined forces with the CSA to further these efforts, supply regattas with items that will aid them in running Clean Regattas and support local NGO’s and regattas working together. We believe the conference will be an ideal place to bring these efforts together and move the needle forward on improving ocean health.”
The Sailors for the Sea team will help interpret Clean Regattas Best Practices and give advice on implementing these environmental standards based on their prior experiences at other regattas around the world. The session will help organizers work through guidelines, identify tools to help them, and bring to their attention available funding to assist in achieving clean regatta status.
President of the CSA, Peter Holmberg, is delighted with the sponsorship. “We have recognized that the conference is the perfect opportunity to bring together the key players in Caribbean regattas and the forum can be used as an opportunity to challenge the way that organizers operate. The environment IS our product in the Caribbean and as such it is vital that we take responsibility for our events and their impact on our greatest natural resource, the ocean. We welcome the support from Sailors for the Sea in moving us further towards sustainability and look forward to sharing the resulting year round benefits throughout the region”.
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Sailors for the Sea is a leading conservation organization that engages, educates, inspires and activates the sailing and boating community toward healing the ocean. Their work in the Caribbean has helped numerous regattas achieve high impact results through sustainable event management.  Equal parts education and outreach, Sailors for the Sea is working with the Caribbean Sailing Association to implement the Clean Regattas program throughout the region. To learn more, please visit

The Caribbean Sailing Association is a non profit organization registered in Anguilla, whose purpose is to govern, promote and encourage interest in the sport of sailing in the Caribbean. For more information please visit
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