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Science Advisor Nominated Head of NOAA

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January 22, 2009 – Sailors for the Sea, the only ocean conservation group focused on the sailing and boating community, today announced President Barack Obama’s nomination of Jane Lubchenco, the organization’s science advisor, as the next head of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The appointment of Dr. Lubchenco comes at a time when data about the oceans’ troubles from ocean acidification and climate change, to marine debris and plastics filling the seas is a daily occurrence.

“Jane Lubchenco’s appointment [pending Senate approval] to serve as NOAA Administrator will put wind in our sails to help move forward as a Nation on critical ocean and coastal challenges,” said NOAA’s Northeast Lead for the Coastal Services Center, and Sailors for the Sea Board Member Betsy Nicholson. “Whether you wish to learn more about the waters you love or to take action to preserve them, you will see steadfast leadership from Jane and NOAA in the next Administration.”

In addition to serving on the Pew Oceans Commission and the US Commission on Ocean Policy, Dr. Lubchenco has also been a member of the Sailors for the Sea Science Advisory Committee for the past year. Nicholson noted, “We have been lucky to have Jane serve on our Science Advisory Committee, where she encouraged our mission to instill an ocean stewardship in the boating community, as well as offered her insights on how to ensure that our projects are science-based.”

A longtime professor of Marine Biology at Oregon State University, Dr. Lubchenco joined the Sailors for the Sea Science Advisory Committee in 2007 to consult on the scientific validity of the Around the Americas project and its associated experiments. This project, a circumnavigation by sailboat of North and South America, is designed to focus international attention on ocean health through scientific observation and evaluation of the ocean environment and providing a platform for scientists and educators to communicate the urgency of the issues to the broader public.

Dan Pingaro, CEO of Sailors for the Sea said, “Jane’s participation as an advisor to Sailors for the Sea has been invaluable in helping to establish a rigorous, science-based approach to our many programs and projects. We wish her all the best and believe she will receive the official appointment to take the reigns to oversee NOAA. From our experience, her involvement would impact that organization in many profound and positive ways.”

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