3 KELP Activities for Plastic Free July - Sailors for the Sea

3 KELP Activities for Plastic Free July

 July 13, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

It’s summer and the perfect time to head to the beach! For Plastic Free July, we collected three activities from our Kids Environmental Lesson Plans to do outside that will teach kids about the plastic pollution problem, as well as encourage them to think about solutions.

Biomagnification Game

Using a game of tag, this lesson plan explores the concept of biomagnification, which is the increasing concentration of a substance in the tissues of organisms at successively higher levels in the food chain. Though this game is fun, kids will come away with an understanding of the food chain, that what the smallest fish eat is significant, and that plastics at sea photo-degrade rather than biodegrade.

How Long ‘till it’s Gone

Plastic pollution is one of the largest threats facing our oceans, as it’s a material that’s meant to last forever and doesn’t biodegrade. Plastics break down into smaller and smaller pieces, and don’t get absorbed into our natural systems. This activity will help kids understand how long it takes for different items (i.e. orange peel, newspaper, plastic bottle) to degrade and what they degrade into.

Plastic Beach

How much plastic is on our beaches? This activity will educate kids on plastic pollution/trash found in our oceans and on our beaches. Kids will learn the negative environmental effects of plastic pollution, along with solutions.

Our KELP program consists of more than fifty activities which address a variety of ocean topics that are suited for ages 6 to 16. Download all of the KELP marine science activities here