Renata Goodridge, Author at Sailors for the Sea

Renata Goodridge

Clean Regattas: Round Barbados Sailing Week

Last month the 2022 Caribbean regatta season breezed in with the Round Barbados Sailing Week. This year’s event, held on January 18-23, 2022, featured 82 entries from eight countries in 10 classes including racing keelboats, dinghies, kite boards and even a radio-controlled fleet. The week featured plenty of parties and three days of back-to-back racing, … Read more

Notes From a Water-Scarce Island

Dry Field Barbados

If you spend any extended time on your boat, whether it’s a long weekend or a cruise down the coast, you know what it’s like to live with limited resources: what’s in your battery bank or water tanks at any given time is what you have. In many of the tropical islands we love to … Read more

Caribbean Sailboat Racing in the Time of COVID


The Caribbean sailing community is accustomed to facing challenges from hurricanes to seaweed inundation to droughts. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, continues to pose a new obstacle to competitive racing and the 2020 Caribbean regatta season. The Schoelcher International Sailing Week in Martinique and the Sint Maarten Heineken Regatta, both active in the Sailors for the … Read more