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Introducing the Seven Principles of Ocean Literacy with KELP

At Sailors for the Sea, part of our mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of sailors and ocean stewards. The ocean is critical to life on our planet, and understanding this at an early age can help kids form personal connections with the underwater world.  Around the world, however, research has shown … Read more

Beat the Microbead


Have you ever wondered what those tiny little beads are in your face wash, body soaps and toothpaste? They are likely tiny plastic particles called microbeads that are added to personal care products to help exfoliate your skin and clean your teeth. And microplastic ingredients aren’t just in your soaps, they can also be found … Read more

Discover the Deep Sea


Which means there are so many mysteries left to unfold, especially in the deep sea. As you dive deeper and deeper into the ocean, light fades into darkness, the water temperature drops close to freezing and the pressure greatly increases. Yet, so much life exists in the depths. Scientists may not fully understand all of … Read more

Happy Antarctica Day!


On this day, December 1st, 1959, the Antarctic Treaty was signed by 12 nations so that the continent would be a place only to be used for peace and science. These diverse nations established the agreement to protect Antarctica. To celebrate this milestone of peace in our civilization, here are 5 fun facts about Antarctica: … Read more

5 Reasons We Love Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and we want to thank educators for the difference they make in each child’s life. Below are just a few of the many reasons teachers are amazing! And we couldn’t help but notice they have a lot in common with boaters! 1. Adaptable Just as a sailor adjusts to different weather … Read more

Who’s the Bigger Predator?


Its that time of year again… The familiar low baseline of a certain film soundtrack is heard everywhere. Spectacular slow motion imagery is shown. We hope you are having an excellent Shark Week!

Trashy Beaches

Debris in Hull Cove

Last week, Sailors for the Sea and 5GYRES met in Hull Cove in Jamestown, RI to train sailing instructors on how to teach with Rainy Day Kits.

Visit to NEAQ

Sailors for the Sea at an event

Yesterday, Sailors for the Sea staff traveled to the New England Aquarium in Boston for their World Oceans Day celebration! Hundreds of families visited, learning the importance of ocean conservation through hands on activities. Sailors for the Sea staff taught kids and parents about sustainable seafood using two of our Rainy Day Kits, The Deadliest Catch … Read more

2 years of Rainy Day Kits!

All that Glitters

This January marks the second year of our Rainy Day Kits program! Since the programs inception 45,000 children have explored the ocean ecosystem with these hands on, interactive lesson plans. We have found that 55% of downloads come from sailing programs, and 45% from museums, camps, and schools. Showing the lesson plans diversity! Rainy Day kits are informal, … Read more