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Marine Science Fun — with Friends!

 September 14, 2022  | By: Jennifer Brett

What’s more fun than learning about amazing ocean science and marine life with your friends or teammates? Whether you’re a teacher, parent or junior sailing coach, try these hands-on marine science activities to get kids interacting and engaging with the watery world around them. All of these lesson plans can be found on our KELP page!

Visualize just how big a blue whale is using a long piece of rope – or a line of kids!

How Long am I?

Less than 5% of the ocean has been explored; however, we do know that the ocean is home to many of Earth’s largest animals such as the blue whale. Sometimes, it can be hard to visualize just how giant these sea creatures are. In this simple activity, kids can use a rope to demonstrate their length and gain perspective on how large some of these animals can grow.

Hitching a Ride

An invasive species is a plant or animal that is not native to an ecosystem and causes harm or negatively alters its new environment. In this fun activity, kids will learn how easy it is to spread invasive species to a new area if we don’t take proper precautions when boating.

Sinking Races

Here’s a different take on a race – the slowest wins! Plankton, tiny plants and animals, are the basis of marine food chains. Phytoplankton (plants) must remain in the light zone to receive enough sunlight to carry on photosynthesis, but not float too close to the surface where photosynthesis is less efficient. In this activity, kids create “plankton” and race them in a large container of water. Slowest plankton wins!

Kids can craft their own “plankton” and race them to see who is the slowest sinker!

Oyster Tag

This activity is tag with a spin! Kids will get plenty of exercise as well as learn about the effects of pollution on oyster reefs and the effect that oyster reefs have on pollution.

Learn about pollution and marine habitats and play a game of tag? That’s a win-win!

Our KELP program consists of more than 50 free activities that address a variety of ocean topics and are suited for ages 6 to 16. Download all of the KELP marine science activities here