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6 Updates for Clean Regattas

 March 24, 2016  | By: Oceana

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We’ve been diligently working to update the Clean Regattas program for 2016, based on feedback from participants over the years. As you prepare to register for the 2016 season, We’d like to share a few changes and website improvements that we hope will make the registration process easier and the Clean Regattas program even more successful.


1. No more sifting through emails! When you register your event, you will create an account, which will allow you to edit and update regatta information.
2. You’ll also have quick access to Clean Regatta resources, including the tool kit, case studies and our new media kit.
3. Certification is now easier than ever with your online account!


4. Based on participant feedback, we now require specific Best Practices be met to earn certification at each level. Download our Clean Regattas Overview to learn more.
5. The Best Practices are now divided into 5 categories so they can be more easily shared amongst your staff or volunteers.
6. New Wildlife and Habitat Protection Best Practice.

We are so excited to see the sailing community’s dedication to improving ocean health, and it would not be possible without the over 800 regattas that have been part of the Clean Regattas program.

Don’t forget, register your regatta today!