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Sailors for the Sea and Regatta Network Working Together to create clean and efficient regattas

Press Release

Paperless, online registration is a cost-effective, earth-friendly approach to regatta registration and helps encourage broad adoption of Clean Regattas standards.


Newport, Rhode Island – July 28, 2010 – Sailors for the Sea, the only ocean conservation nonprofit focused on the sailing and boating community, has joined forces with US Sailing Regatta Network, to encourage a more sustainable approach to running major regatta events.

Regatta Network promotes Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas program, a third-party certification program that helps participants achieve higher environmental standards, on the network’s website and through its newsletter to their over 500 clients. Meanwhile, Sailors for the Sea encourages its members and program participants to make use of Regatta Network’s services as a low-cost, paperless alternative to traditional regatta registration.

“A strong ideological connection exists between the Regatta Network online registration model, and the environmentally responsible goals of Clean Regattas,” said Ken Taylor, president, Regatta Network. “Race organizers who use Regatta Network’s paperless, online registration system are a step ahead when it comes to reducing their ‘carbon wake.’ With Clean Regattas Sailors for the Sea helps the rest of the way, by linking sailors to environmentally-friendly tactics and resources.”

Regatta organizers who decide to make use of, or are already using, Regatta Network can link to the Clean Regattas homepage to register with the program, and then seamlessly integrate their Clean Regattas commitment and communication into the Regatta Network registration system. This collaboration allows Clean Regattas to share easily information about their efforts to their racers, which is a key component of a successful event. 

Program Works to Protect Oceans and Local Waters

By making the Clean Regattas Pledge, regattas, yacht clubs, and sailing programs commit to protecting clean waters and shores by participating in the Clean Regattas program. Participants vow to fulfill, and encourage others to fulfill, the goals and requirements of Clean Regattas, and to work to protect and restore waters for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations. The program is available to yacht clubs, regattas and sailing programs worldwide helps participants to act responsibly in taking steps to protect and preserve local waters while realizing a range of immediate benefits, such as:

  • saving money by reducing reliance on plastic bottles, fossil fuels, and disposable products
  • getting discounts on environmentally friendly products through the Clean Regattas program
  • reducing excess spending by anticipating regulations and avoiding abrupt and costly changes due to new laws and related cleanup efforts
  • attracting new sponsors, donors, investors, and foundations for non-profit clubs through the positive awareness of the Clean Regattas efforts

According to Chris Mancini, program manager, Sailors for the Sea, “We see the collaboration with Regatta Network as the next logical step in reaching out to an even more extensive group of sailors who are interested in Clean Regattas and reducing their environmental impact, Clean Regattas success is based on both quality andquantity. Sailors for the Sea and Regatta Network tap into different portions of the sailing world, and can really benefit one another.”

Sailors for the Sea provides support and materials, and the final certification that a club or event is a Clean Regatta – meaning all competitors agreed to abide by Clean Regattas Certification Level requirements.

With three levels of certification (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) available, participantspledge their commitment level, and work to fulfill the related certification requirements. This includes formation of a Clean Regattas committee for the event, or a permanent committee for all club/organization governance and events, that will oversee certification criteria related to:

  • trash and recycling collection and disposal
  • discharge
  • oil spill prevention
  • green cleaning products and bottom paint usage
  • bottom cleaning and boat maintenance
  • global warming and carbon offsets
  • biofuel conversion
  • use of recycled materials in regatta awards

About Regatta Network
Regatta Network (marketed at US SAILING Regatta Network in the United States) provides event management services specifically designed for sailing events. Services include online registration, payment, document, inventory and event management. To learn more about US SAILING Regatta Network visit Since 2005, US SAILING Regatta Network has processed over 55,000+ registrations for 1,200+ sailing events in the US, Canada, Europe, and the Caribbean. Regatta Network has partnered with US SAILING and is marketed as US SAILING Regatta Network.

About Sailors for the Sea
Founded in 2004, Sailors for the Sea is a nonprofit organization that educates and empowers the boating community to protect and restore our oceans and coastal waters. For more information on or to participate in any of the Sailors for the Sea programs, or to become a member and support the organization, visit