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Darby Allison

“I’ve always appreciated sailing because of its dependence on the natural environment, and that dependence is jeopardized by dysfunctional and unsafe waterways due to pollution. There’s a plethora of reasons we should protect the environments in which we sail, but the simplest reason is so that the sport will still be available for generations to come, just like it was … Read more

Bjarne Patuel Nielsen

Bjarne Patuel Nielson has spent more than 40 years on the ocean around the world. As a competitive and recreational sailor, as well as a lifeguard, and now serving in his fifth year as OA Principal Officer at the Royal Danish Yacht Club (KDY), Bjarne has a wide understanding of sailing and the sea. Since … Read more

David Landers

David’s passion for marine conservation is best demonstrated through his lifelong engagement with the ocean. He is a sailor with lifelong experience offshore racing and cruising, and more than 10 years of professional experience as a Yachtmaster Offshore Instructor and yacht charter skipper. Currently, David is a member of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS), … Read more

Catherine Ardagh

Catherine has always had a passion for the sea and has been living and working across the world’s oceans for two decades. From the West Coast of Canada where she grew up, to the Caribbean where she works as a Charter and Delivery Skipper and Dive Master, to the high latitudes of Svalbard where she works in tourism as a Polar … Read more

Cortney Kingsley

Cortney Kingsley is currently the Education Programs Manager for Sail Newport in Newport, RI. She has been around the water her whole life and considers herself fortunate to have learned many water sports including sailing. She has used sailing as a medium to teach others about the ocean and to learn more about the ocean herself! She feels … Read more

Barb Trailer

Barb spent her 20’s and 30’s sailing from Alaska to Nova Scotia annually – always on the move, on everything from a 100-foot wooden schooner to an 88-foot ketch and 160-foot power boat. As a chef before widespread recycling was available, planning and managing your environmental footprint was essential to the operations of the boat, … Read more

Glenn Lethbridge

Glenn Lethbridge has called Hamilton, Ontario, Canada home for his lifetime. He learned to sail on Hamilton Harbour and quickly realized that the water was to be a big part of his life. He became a Sailing Coach and went to school in Outdoor Recreation where he became a avid canoeist, Kayaker, cross country and downhill … Read more

Maya Hoffman

Maya Hoffman grew up sailing in a National Marine Sanctuary in Monterey, CA, which sparked a lifelong passion and love for the marine environment. She is a member of the Whale Entanglement Team and has assisted in the disentanglement of many humpbacks. Maya is a national level inshore racer in the Shields class and Lightning class, … Read more

Adam Riley

Photo of Adam on a sunny day by the water. He is wearing a life jacket and sunglasses

“I believe all sailors are naturalists at heart, and think it’s an obligation for those of us to lucky enough to enjoy this sport to take Emerson’s advice, to define success not just by winning Regattas, but by leaving the world better than we found it. It’s more important than ever for those of us … Read more

Elizabeth Harries

“The water provides so much for our wellbeing and development, but cannot if we do not treat it properly. As adventurers and those that engage in sport on the water, our activities thrive in a clean and enjoyable environment. If we don’t take actions now, not only will our sports and adventures suffer, but so … Read more