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Alien Invasion

invasive species

European green crabs and lionfish and water chestnuts, oh my! What do they all have in common? They are invasive species in the United States. Invasive species (also called exotic, non-native and alien) are plants and animals that invade an environment where they don’t belong. If they don’t have any natural predators in their new … Read more

5 Simple Green Boating Tips

Sailors for the Sea

After months of research, weeks of editing and days designing the perfect icons, we are proud to announce the launching of our Green Boating Guide just in time for the spring boat preparation season! In celebration of Earth Day, we are sharing our top 5 easy-to-do Green Boating Tips from our guide. 1. Save $$: … Read more

Winterizing your boat

Travel lift

It’s that time of year again…unless you are lucky enough to live in a year-round boating climate! 

Safe & Green – Memorial Day Weekend!

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The crew here at Sailors for the Sea is very excited for Memorial Day Weekend – and like many people in the country excited to be near the water and aboard a boat! This weekend our staff will be attending two exciting Clean Regattas, The Atlantic Cup and Figawi Race Weekend! At both events race … Read more